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About Us

Meet:  JOHN AND AARON MURDICK – THE 4TH AND 5TH GENERATION of Murdicks to continue the Murdick family tradition of cooking fudge in copper kettles, cooling it on marble slabs and working it to a set.  This is an expertise that cannot be learned in a week or two…it is takes a  lifetime of experience.

John and Aaron Murdick - the 4th and 5th generation of Murdicks to continue the family tradition.

John and Aaron Murdick – the 4th and 5th generation of Murdicks to continue the family tradition.

In 1887, the Murdick family began the very first fudge store on Mackinac Island (now sold out of the family)– the same year that the Grand Hotel was built.   The Murdick family has owned the trademark on the name “Murdicks Famous Fudge” since 1923!  Look for the ® or the TM to know you are getting the best!

The original store "Murdick's Candy Kitchen"  on Mackinac Island.

The original store “Murdick’s Candy Kitchen” on Mackinac Island. No longer owned by the Murdick family.

Who would have thought that 130+ years later, Murdicks would still be making fudge in the Mackinac Straits area?  Today, John and Aaron Murdick can be found in their store in Mackinaw City on any given day making candy using the same old-fashioned recipes that their ancestors used way back when it all began.  It still draws many tourists to the store, as they watch the unique process of making fudge the way it was done so very long ago.

Murdick Family Store - Murdick's Famous Fudge Aaron Murdick's Fudge

Murdick Family Store – Murdick’s Famous Fudge –
Aaron Murdick’s Fudge

Below you will see Aaron, a master candy maker, demonstrating the mesmerizing process of making fudge on marble slabs.


Many fudge stores have tried to imitate the Murdick’s perfected process, but there are none that can make it as creamy smooth as the Murdick family members.  You really owe it to yourself to try this fudge and compare it to others — you WILL taste the difference!

Jonathan Shearman 5 star

I took a trip with my siblings over the weekend to Mackinaw City and Mackinaw Island. We were looking for good fudge at a good price, but couldn’t find a shop we liked. We had gone to several shops before finding Murdick’s Famous Fudge. Next time we are in Mackinaw this will be our only stop for fudge. The fudge is amazing. I’m not going to try to describe the taste because I don’t think I would do the fudge justice…it’s that good! Besides the taste, I loved the environment. You can tell it’s family owned and operated because of the way the employees act. They are happy, smiling, and thrilled to help whoever needs it. It’s literally one big happy family! We got the special of $6/slice. It costs a little bit more than a few other places, but who cares when the ingredients are quality ingredients? You’re wasting your time if you go to another fudge shop.
Brandon Love —  5 star

We visited Mackinac Island and Mackinac City this past weekend. I tried fudge at many different places. The fudge I had at Aaron Murdick’s (Famous Fudge) was by far the best. The competition was not even close. I know a lot of the places try to follow traditional recipes and preparation methods but they are missing something that these guys aren’t. I don’t know what that is, but the fudge flavor and consistency speaks for itself.

People swarm to this renowned fudge shop in Mackinaw City.  Be sure to stop by for a free sample when in the Mackinac Straits area.  They guarantee you won’t find a better product for a better price.