Hello Out There…

Posted on March 25th, 2020

Hello to all our family and friends. And by friends, we mean all of you fine folks who visit us in our candy shop every year. You know who you are and there are a great many of you. We hope and pray that this letter/blog finds you in good health and good spirits. Who would have ever dreamed that we would live in a time of maybe the worst ever pandemic? Well… here we all are.

We’re truly heartened by the many stories we hear and read of so many folks doing incredible acts of courage and kindness. We implore all of you to pray for all of the first responders and those brave folks who MUST get up every morning and leave the safety and comfort of their homes to go out and face this horrible situation the world finds itself in. All the doctors, nurses, aides, police, firefighters, truckers, grocery workers, pharmacists, mail carriers, Fed Ex and UPS drivers, mechanics, utility workers, road crews, airline workers, and many more that I am not listing here… we pray for all of you and all your families that God will protect you at this grave time. The news media too… for keeping us informed.

Lord knows we would love to be doing what we know how to do… making fudge and candy… But who knows when we’ll get back to some kind of “normalcy” in our world again. All we can do right now, is to follow what the health folks are telling us and that is to hunker down and limit our physical contact with each other. And this may be the hardest part. How much we all want to be with our families that are separated from us and we only want to be able to hug them and be with them. But if we all do our part and follow this expectation… the sooner this will be in our rear view mirror.

Every generation has its own cross to bear. This is ours. And compared to our parent’s generation, we are not being expected to sacrifice quite as much. Social isolation is a little more bearable with the technology we now have. But we just wanted to send out a greeting and a prayer for all of you who read this. We love you all and we miss you all. And we can hardly wait until we see you all again! How sweet it will be. Please take care of each other until we see you again.
Pax Omnia Pro Bono (Peace and All Things For Good)

The Murdick Family

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