Posted on April 16th, 2015


One of the most common questions we get asked here at Murdick’s Famous Fudge store, is “how do we keep this fudge fresh?”  Our usual answer is this: Fudge is like bread.  If you leave it out in the air, it will dry out. 

If you keep it wrapped in plastic, it will stay fresher.  If you keep it in a zip lock baggie, it will stay more moist.  It may even get mushy – if it is around that long.  Most people say they will eat it before that ever happens.  However, we do have people buy  more than a dozen slices, because they only get to Mackinac Straits area once a year and they like to have a taste of our Murdick’s Famous Fudge whenever the mood strikes.

If you have a lot of fudge and you need to store it for a party or reunion or just a family get-together, then consider putting your fudge in the freezer.  The best way to freeze fudge is to wrap it in freezer wrap if you are going to store it for any length of time more than a month.  Then put those wrapped individual slices into a zip lock freezer bag.  That way, you can take out a slice at a time whenever you may need it.  Or if you want to thaw out small pieces, wrap them first in half slice packages, that way you could unthaw a couple of different flavors of fudge instead of one kind.

If you are just storing it for a week or two to nibble on here and there, we suggest that you keep it in and air tight container like one of the Gladware containers that you buy at the grocery store. This is the most convenient and less messy ways to keep it.  And it stays very moist and fresh.  If the fudge gets too moist for you, then just take it out and leave it unwrapped for a few hours.  It will get firmer and drier.

If you want to keep your Mackinac Island Fudge fresh to give to someone as a gift, and that friend will not be with you for a week or so, consider wrapping it tightly in Seran wrap and freezing it in zip lock freezer bags for the time being.  Be sure to take it out of the box, because we are not sure that the ink on the box will run if it gets damp.

To thaw fudge, you should let it stay wrapped and thaw it in the refrigerator slowly.  That way the condensation will be less likely to form on the fudge.  However, we have had customers say that they just take it out and let it sit unwrapped on the counter, and it tastes just as good as the day they bought it!

If you are buying Mackinac Island Fudge for wedding favors, we suggest picking up your fudge a day or so ahead of time to insure the freshest fudge possible.  Fudge that is a day or two old and has had time to “set” is actually creamier and has the firm texture that fudge should have.  The day that fudge is made it can almost be eaten with a spoon, so we don’t even consider wrapping the fudge until it as firmed up – at least an hour or two after making it.  Yes, we have sold it to people who insist they want the fudge we are cutting on the slab, but when that fudge is put into a box it is likely to sweat and the tissue we wrap it in will stick to it.  But our motto is “give the people what they want” so we have sold it to people that way.

Fudge will keep at room temperature just fine.  It does not need to be refrigerated.  You can keep it in the refrigerator if you feel that you like it cold–and some people prefer it that way.  In this case, just make sure it is air tight, as cold air will surely dry out your fudge quicker.  If you are staying in a hotel room and your fudge is not wrapped, at least make sure it is in a plastic bag overnight.

Leftover fudge that may have dried out may be used in recipes.  We have had customers tell us that they threw in a slice of Murdick’s Famous Fudge that was cut into bite sized pieces because they did not have any chocolate chips in the cupboard.

Whatever your intentions are, we hope that this post will help you decide how to keep your Murdick’s Famous Fudge the freshest possible way!  Enjoy!


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